Monday, July 28, 2014
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Employment Law Case of the Week

  • Norbert Dentressangle Logistics Limited v Hutton

    Norbert Dentressangle Logistics Limited v Hutton UKEATS/0011/13/B

    The claimant was dismissed in January 2012, the EDT being 18 January. He attended an appeal hearing in the February, which was dismissed in March, and he lodged his claim of unfair dismissal on 30 May, thus 6 weeks


Latest HR News

  • Employers should review their Employee's salaries regularly to ensure that they are protected against equal pay claims

    An article in the Telegraph (23.7.2014) reports that Baroness Stowell, the Leader of the House of Lords, will be paid less than her male predecessor. Following protests, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, said the Conservative Party would make up the difference between Lady Stowell's £78,891 annual salary and the £101,038 earned by her predecessor Lord Hill.

    This was done to avoid breaching the limit on numbers of full members around the famous table at 10 Downing Street after it was decided to keep William Hague in the Cabinet as Leader of the House of Commons. However Lady Stowell today rejected the extra cash, saying that she believes her salary should come only from public funds, in order to avoid any appearance of potential conflicts of interest.  In a letter to Conservative peers on Tuesday, Mr Cameron attempted to put matters right by saying he would restore the Leader of the Lords to full Cabinet membership "at the earliest opportunity", and will do so immediately after the 2015 general election if he remains Prime Minister.

    So what can Employers do to avoid equal pay claims? 

    Read more... Link  
  • Be careful not to ask discriminatory questions or make any discriminatory comments during an interview

    An article in the Guardian (13.7.2014) reported that the Home Office has suspended a passport official pending a disciplinary investigation for asking intrusive questions to a gay father with two children adopted by his husband and himself.
    Read more

  • Can an Employer dismiss someone because they have a tattoo?

    Body art is becoming more and more popular with all types of people and is not just reserved for people outside of the social norm. According to a study by Pew Research Centre around 23% of Americans have a tattoo with many potential UK employees following suit.
    Read more


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Statutory Rates

Statutory rates are rates of payment paid and regulated by the UK government. Many of these payments are updated annually. The following table has the current statutory rates for a number of HR benefits and regulations.

Statutory rates details - 2013
Statutory rates details - 2014 

Latest from the Employment Law Experts

Employment Tribunal Awards

Until 1999 the statutory maximum limits on monetary awards, which employment tribunals could make, were fixed on a somewhat haphazard and irregular basis. This has now been changed. The Secretary of State must now make annual orders to index-link most maximum limits by reference to changes in RPI for September, up or down, in each year.

The amount of compensation awarded following an employment tribunal will depend on the nature and outcome of the case.

Compensation Amounts and Adjustments details

Pension Arrangements

The proposals in the Government's 2006 White Paper on Personal Accounts, the aim of which is to introduce "soft compulsion" into workplace pension provision, are now coming to fruition. On 27 October 2010 the Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, confirmed that the Government would proceed with implementing the reforms set out in the Pensions Act 2008 and accompanying regulations, subject to the relatively minor changes recommended by an independent review of the proposed regime.

Read our summary with a timescale for ALL employers here



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Payment Options

Employment Law Cases - Categories

Agency Workers Regulations

The Agency Workers Regulations, "AWR", came into force on 1 October 2011.

The legislation has given temporary agency workers the same basic rights, after 12 weeks in the same assignment, as those on permanent contracts of employment in a comparable role.

Equal treatment after the initial qualifying period will cover pay and working conditions, including overtime, breaks, rest periods and public holidays.

Full Article Here

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