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The World's Oldest Lawyer?

Written by  Innes Clark
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Since the abolition of the default retirement age in April 2011 many stories have emerged of employees continuing to work well into their golden years. I have previously blogged on a 94-year-old trolley collector working for Morrison's, and, this week, Roll on Friday (which provide news, views and gossip on the legal profession) has reported a story about the oldest practising lawyer in New Zealand.

Bob Boland, aged 90, still works as conveyancing solicitor and barrister based in Christchurch. Despite his advanced years Mr Boland is described by his boss as being "up with the play all right".

Having served in World War II, Mr Boland has worked as a solicitor for over 50 years. And, after some stellar service, he plans to finally retire this year before visiting Europe. Roll On Friday's article also makes the interesting point that Mr Boland's wife, at 73, is still working as a legal executive.

The New Zealand Law Society has confirmed that it is "very likely" that Mr Boland is its oldest member. I wonder though if he is the oldest practising lawyer in the World? Let me know if you come across anyone that beats Mr Boland.

This may well be the type of story that we hear more of in the coming years. In the UK, with the abolition of the default retirement age, and an ever-growing pensions deficit coupled with many of us living longer, the prospect of more people working into their senior years is increasingly likely. Whether many of us can go as long (or indeed have the desire to do so) as Mr Boland is open to question, but it is certainly an interesting issue.

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