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Sunday, 10 May 2015 19:41

With a Conservative government confirmed how will the party influence employment rights over the next parliament?

Written by  Jonathan Lord
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Before the surprise result of the election, I outlined the issue of employment tribunal fees as one that separated the political parties. The Conservatives have

clearly stated their intention of retaining employment tribunal fees, although a review of these and the system as a whole has been promised. They have also pledged to support small business by restricting trade union strike activity through any strike requiring at least 50% turnout, the support of at least 40% of those entitled to take part in ballots, and a majority among those who actually vote.


They have also stated that they will support workers through plans to increase childcare for parents of 3 to 4 year olds up to 30 hours. The party believes this would not only support parents back into the workplace but also enable the employer to meet their own workforce needs.

Regarding the controversial topic of Zero Hours Contracts, the Conservatives have pledged to implement an exclusivity ban whereby zero-hours workers can’t be prevented from working for anyone else. Anti-avoidance measures will also be introduced that will give workers the protection of being able to bring employment tribunal claims if they are subjected to detrimental treatment after also working for other businesses.

During the last government the Beecroft report suggested a number of radical reforms of employment rights, which included a controversial proposal to enable employers to make no-fault dismissals, however this was overruled by the Liberal Democrats. Now that the Conservatives have a majority government they can look again at such changes.

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