Monday, June 18, 2018

The Tools for the Job


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Health and Safety Executive have launched a free new tool for small and medium sized businesses.

The launch of this tool came following some research undertaken by CIPD. This research found that excellent people management helps to encourage entrepreneurial spirit, which is said to improve small and medium businesses.

Essentially the tool is one that should help to improve the running of small businesses because it encompasses various organisational tools. For example, one such tool allows companies to carry out stock takes. There are also tools which aid existing HR policies as well as support change throughout the organisation. De Jean Miller who wrote the tool explained that "as an organisation grows, certain challenges arise, particularly when it comes to balancing the need for formal systems and processes with the desire to preserve an innovative culture." Often one of the benefits of having a smaller organisation is the fluidity with which decisions can be made and the practices that make up the business. Larger organisations tend to have more rigid practices. The key for smaller businesses making use of this tool is to find a balance that works for them.

All businesses which employ staff and indeed even some of those that do not are experiencing a lot of change in the wake of a Government that is trying to fix the economy. Having such a tool could be a great help to those employers without dedicated teams to manage those changes. The tool will also help to maintain better records in general so will aid various reporting responsibilities that a company may have.

Recent years have seen the number of employees taking sick leave rise. Stress has been targeted as a key reason for those absences. It is hoped that by helping businesses, and in particular, smaller businesses, to manage their employees that stress levels throughout the organisation will be reduced. Having smoother systems in place which are understood by employees and can be relied upon will provide certainly and hopefully eliminate some of the reasons employees become stressed.

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