Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Good Office Good Work


A survey entitled 'Working in London' has revealed that the majority of Londoners have said that if their office space was improved they would improve their productivity also.

Sixty-five percent of those surveyed said that they would work extra hours and improve their performance if their office was more desirable to work in and more comfortable. Over one thousand London based employees took part in the survey.

There were a number of aspects about working in an office space that could make or break whether or not it was considered a comfortable place to be. Just under half of those surveyed said that the temperature had an effect on how comfortable they were working in an office. Too hot, or too cold and it causes people to stop concentrating on their work to the level that they should be. This may seem insignificant, but the right temperature and setting can really make a difference to the happiness of staff in an office.

Companies are starting to realise how the appearance and feeling of their office space can have an effect on both gaining the best performance possible out of existing staff and also attracting the best candidates during the recruitment process. A swanky looking office space can definitely be a plus when deciding on where to work, especially if there is a choice between two with little other difference between them.

Depending on where the office is located there might be differing factors which employees or future employees place importance on. For example, transport links might be important. The Londoners surveyed stressed that keeping fit was a priority and so those offices that could offer gym access fared better than those that didn't. The reason why a gym is so important in a city such as London is because of the fast pace of life and the need to preserve a work-life balance. This is why cycle to work schemes can also be a major benefit for those working in the City. In order for these schemes to work, however, the office needs to provide showering facilities as well as a safe place to store the bikes. However, this could also tie in with the company's corporate social responsibilities as it encourages its staff to be more environmentally friendly. Therefore benefiting the company in more ways than one.

With so many different aspects of office life that could potentially make or break it, it would seem that this is a case of looks do matter after all.

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