Monday, June 18, 2018

DWP Announces Subsidy for Young Disabled Workers


Following the closure of Remploy factories which led to outrage from many of its workers as well as the public at large, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that it will incentivise employers to take on severely disabled young people.

A three year Government scheme has been announced, which promises up to 2,275 for each worker.

To ensure sustainable employment is achieved, the money will only be available after the new employee has been working for at least six months. Concessions will be made for smaller companies who will wait about two months before being able to claim 700. Smaller payments will also be available to those companies taking on employees working between sixteen and twenty nine hours a week compared to the higher figure for those working thirty hours or more a week.

The plans come after a number of strikes over the closure of half of Remploy's fifty four sites. The closures are due to take place by the end of year and many who work there are afraid that they will not be able to find work elsewhere. There are more than one thousand four hundred jobs at risk. However, unions claim that the figure is higher and more like one thousand seven hundred. The programme targets the most severely disabled young workers in the hope that it will help to ensure that they do find alternative employment rather than having little choice but to claim benefits.

The programme will save the Government money since the DWP currently gives a subsidy of 25,000 a year per job at Remploy. The rest of the budget of 320 million can be used on alternative methods of helping disabled workers. The subsidy is important as it helps those suffering from a serious disability to be as independent as they can be by working. Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller, commented that "young disabled people tell me they want the same job opportunities as everyone else and in every sector of the economy. This will not only help (them) gain practical experience in the workplace, but also showcase their talents and give them the edge in a tough jobs market."

In addition to the jobs that the closure of half of the Remploy factories will bring, there are also two thousand work experience places a year that will be lost. Another strike is due to take place in August. The first redundancies are planned for later in August.

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