Friday, May 25, 2018

Robertson and Jackson v British Gas Corporation [1983] IRLR 302 CA

Mr Robertson and Mr Jackson were employed by the British Gas Corporation as meter readers/collectors. On 19.10.70 the Corporation wrote to them saying that as a result of a reorganisation agreed with the North Thames Area Joint Council they had been given a new classification, grade and salary with effect from 1 July. After setting out various conditions, including the payment of overtime rates in accordance with the national agreement, the letter said, "Incentive bonus scheme conditions will apply to meter reading and collection work". This was a reference to an existing collective agreement establishing a bonus scheme. The agreement was revised from time to time following negotiation between the employers and the trade unions.

On 1.9.77 both men were given written statements of particulars of employment under the Contracts of Employment Act 1972. The statements said that the provisions of the national joint council agreement applied, and ...

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